End-to-end practical tutorial to start using Docker

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Since I started working as a computer vision engineer, I have had the chance to experience how Docker works. All the experience I have accumulated so far, is distilled in here. You can consider this a 101 Docker tutorial to get yourself equipped with a solid basic understanding and acquire some hands-on experience.

We have all been there. You learn something that triggers your curiosity. You can’t wait to test it out on a real project. But life happens, and you hide your new shiny knowledge in the back of your skull.

In theory, theory and practice are the same…

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The concept of Machine Intelligence was coined by Alan Turing, the famous British mathematician, in 1950s. By that time, he already considered that machines could think like humans do, so he developed the Turing Test to assess if they had intelligent behaviour.

Since then, AI systems have experienced an impressive development. Some examples are autonomous vehicles, chatbots and smart homes among others.

It is quite common that AI breakthroughs boost human imagination in the science fiction realm. Films like Terminator illustrate how dangerous machines can get when they are no longer under our control.

AI has also greatly impacted business…

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